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Upcoming events

UK-SCAPE: Fourth Programme Advisory Board (PAG) Meeting | 5th October 2021 | Video Conference

The PAG will review progress and comment on future plans.

Past events

Workshop on UK Climate and Socio-economic Scenario Data Products | 29th April 2021

The SPEED (Spatially-explicit Projections of EnvironmEntal Drivers) programme described a new set of climate and socio-economic scenario datasets and products for the UK, to support future research and policy on UK climate risk and resilience. The datasets and products are based on the most recent set of widely applied scenarios for investigating climate change risk and resilience - the IPCC-community Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) and Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSPs). The SPEED team have been working with partners to produce downscaled and enriched RCP and SSP datasets and products specifically for the UK. They shared these data and products with the community, discussed how they might be used, and sought feedback on how best to make these data and products available. 

The workshop aims were to:

  • describe what scenario datasets and products have been created and the methods used;
  • explain and discuss the basis and potential use of these datasets and products;
  • assess how the wider community might want to use the data and products;
  • discuss the best approaches to making the RCP climate data available and usable by the community.

UK-SCAPE: Third Programme Advisory Board (PAG) Meeting | 12th April 2021 | Video Conference

The PAG welcomed new members Prof. Richard Bardgett, Prof. Jane Hill and Rob Maas. The meeting focused on one of two research themes within UK-SCAPE - Spatially explicit projections of environmental drivers and impacts (SPEED). Prof. James Bullock (Principal Investigator) provided an overview in preparation for talks from team members and PAG discussion. Presentations included:

  • Co-creating the UK Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (UK-SSPs);
  • High-resolution climate projections for modelling of climate change impacts in the UK;
  • Modelling UK Land Use Futures;
  • Pollution futures: projecting metal concentrations in GB soils under differing socio-economic and climate scenarios;
  • Combined effects of land-use and climate change on UK native species.

Data Visualisation webinar | 24th February 2021

Around 150 people attended our Data Visualisation webinar, drawing on UK-SCAPE data.

UK-SCAPE: Second Programme Advisory Board (PAG) Meeting | 30th November 2020 | Video Conference

Following a gap due to the coronavirus, the PAG met via videoconference. The focus was on the underpinning monitoring component with presentations on recent progress and future plans for UKCEH’s Land Cover Map; activities within the Biological Records Centre and the promotion of visualisation techniques to improve communication; integration of UKCEH’s hydrological datasets (NRFA, Hydrological Outlooks and National Hydrological Monitoring Programme); the value of long-term monitoring platforms (with examples from Environmental Change Network, Lakes Monitoring, Loch Leven, and the Isle of May long-term study). There was also a presentation on the Data Science Framework and plans for use cases. The PAG also paused to reflect the sad loss of Prof. Richard Shore (UK-SCAPE Lead) and Prof. Dame Georgina Mace CBE (PAG Member).

National Soil Health Policy workshop | 6th February 2020 | UKCEH Lancaster

The overall aim of the workshop was to share future thinking with respect to soil protection policies across Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland as we depart from the EU. Read the review and download the workshop summary report.

UKCEH organise scientific meeting on Air Quality at the Royal Society, London | November 2019

During November 2019, UKCEH organised “Air quality, past, present and future” at the Royal Society in London. The meeting brought together a range of interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners working in fields related to air pollution, including human health, environmental policy and atmospheric composition in developing nations. Presentations covered the chronology of atmospheric composition in the UK and Europe over the last century, and talks on the effects of air pollutants on human health and on ecosystems. The papers presented identified scientific and policy issues central to these chronologies, their potential solutions and their costs. The event included talks on UK-SCAPE science by Eiko Nemitz, Mark Sutton and David Fowler. Recorded audio of the presentations is available, and meeting papers will be published in a future issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A.

Data Science Framework event | 12th November 2019 | Manchester

The aim of this event, aimed at external stakeholders, was to collect feedback on the UK-SCAPE Data Science Framework and to gain a better understanding of community expectations.

UK-SCAPE: First Programme Advisory Board (PAG) Meeting | 20th September 2019 | CEH Wallingford

We sought input and advice from representatives from the science community as we go forward with UK-SCAPE. At the first meeting of this group, which comprised key stakeholders and academics, we provided an overview of the science work packages and discussed our approach to community engagement. 

2nd UK Soil Carbon Workshop | 11-12th September 2019 | UKCEH Lancaster

Follow-up workshop on UK soil carbon with external institutions including Forest Research, BGS and Stirling University. The focus was on UK soils database and ongoing work.

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